14th KINOTEKA Special Guests Announced


Skolimowski won his first award at the Berlin International Film Festival for The Departure in 1967. Since then he has gone on to win over twenty more across the span of his career; the latest being for 11 Minutes in 2015 at both the Lisbon & Estoril, and Venice Film festivals. As if this wasn't impressive enough, factor in his sixteen-year directorial hiatus during that time, and Skolimowski stands out as one of the great Polish filmmaker success stories.


One of those people who seem to excel at whatever they turn their hand to, Holland has made a reputation for herself as a talented director and writer in Poland as well as overseas. She is especially recognised in the US for her directorial work on shows like , and among others. She was nominated for an Oscar in 1985 for Angry Harvest , in 1990 for Europa, Europa and in 2012 for In Darkness. She has worked with Krzysztof Zanussi, Andrzej Wajda and Krzysztof Kieślowski, and much like her peers, most of her films have a political essence.

WOJCIEH STAROŃ (born 1973)

Perhaps Poland's busiest cinematographer, Staroń worked on three projects in 2015 - a feature film (Mur) and two documentaries (Don Juan and Brothers). He is known for being able to adapt his style to suit whatever project he is working on, whilst maintaining a constant search for the truth in his shots. Staroń works frequently with his wife, Małgosia, who is a sound technician. Their documentaries have mostly been shot in places that are off the map, at least by Western standards.


Film produces, sound technician and life partner of Wojciech Staroń. She graduated from the University of Warsaw with a degree in applied linguistics and also holds a PhD in psycholinguistics. Despite the initial idea of a career in academia, its fossilized structure inspired her to consider alternative paths. Consequently, the whole family moved to Argentina where the couple created the Argentinian Lessopn (2011), a very personal story depicting two years of their life in the village of Azra (North-East province of Argentina).

JEREMY THOMAS (born 1949)

One of the more successful British producers, Thomas began producing films in the 1970s and has fifty-seven credits to his name. He and his films have won several prestigious awards, including the Oscar for best film for The Last Emperor (1987) and the Special Award at the Polish Film Awards in 2003. Some of his popular recent work includes A Dangerous Method (2011), Only Lovers Left Alive (2013) and Jerzy Skolimowski’s latest 11 Minutes (2015).


A young, Polish, jazz group is a good way to describe the quintet. Their sound is fresh and carefree, rendering the listener with the notion that everything is all right. The band mates are avid travelers, and it’s reflected in their work as they mix jazz influences from all over. Featuring Marek Pospieszalski on sax, Joanna Duda on piano, Michał Bryndal on percussion, Wojtek Mazolewski on bass, and Oscar Torok on trumpet.


Szamburski and Zakrocki are members of the successful duo Sza/Za who compose music for film, theatre and contemporary dance. In 2009, the duo earned a distinction at the International Theatre Festival Counterpoint in Szczecin and were awarded the grand prize at the 15th National Competition for Staging of Contemporary Art. Wypych is a double bass virtuoso. He graduated from the Fryderyk Chopin University of Music in Warsaw and currently, as a chamber musician, collaborates with many bands and orchestras in Poland and abroad.

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